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10,000 pcs/h Egg Tray Production Line in Iraq

AGICO has recently finished the manufacturing of a complete egg tray production line with a large production capacity of 10,000 pcs/h and shipped it to our client in Iraq.

Project Overview

Client Company:

The purchasing company for our production line is a reputable enterprise in the egg tray industry in Iraq. Two years ago, they successfully procured a 4000 pieces per-hour egg tray production line from our company, achieving significant economic benefits. This time, they are once again ordering an egg tray production line from us to fulfill their strategic requirement for expanding their production scale.

Production Line Scale:

This project involves a high-capacity egg tray production line with an impressive output of up to 10,000 pieces per hour. This remarkable production capacity not only meets the current market demands of the client but also provides robust support for their future business expansion.

Export Purpose:

The successful export of this egg tray production line signifies the deepening of trust and collaboration between AGICO and the Iraqi client. The client has highly commended our products and services, which holds paramount significance for our company’s reputation and brand image. Furthermore, this production line represents the highest output we have exported thus far, symbolizing our company’s technological advancement and enhanced production capabilities. We take pride in becoming a cooperative partner in the client’s production expansion and will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing exceptional solutions and high-quality services.

hydrapulper in the egg tray production line
Hydra Pulper Machine
shippment of the egg tray production line
Egg Tray Machine Shippment

Through this project, we showcase our expertise in the field of egg tray production lines and our acute understanding of customer requirements. We will persist in technological innovation and outstanding quality, delivering premium equipment to global clients and empowering them to excel in market competition.


In order to meet the expanding production scale requirements of the Iraqi client, we have provided a comprehensive egg tray production line solution, encompassing line design, equipment manufacturing, and on-site installation guidance. This production line utilizes waste paper as the raw material for pulping, and employs a vacuum adsorption molding process to shape the pulp into egg trays. The entire production line consists of pulping section, molding section, drying section, and packaging section, with the central piece of equipment being a DT8*8 rotary pulp molding machine.

Equipment Advantages:

  • High Output: The DT8*8 egg tray machine is our flagship product, boasting the highest single-unit productivity in China, reaching up to 10,000 pieces per hour. Its exceptional production capacity provides a solid guarantee for increasing production efficiency for our clients.
  • Strong Reliability: Throughout the manufacturing process of the production line, we adhere strictly to quality control standards, ensuring the dependable and stable quality of each DT8*8 egg tray machine. This level of reliability ensures sustained stability during prolonged operation, reducing production downtime and malfunctions.
  • User-Friendly Operation: The DT8*8 egg tray machine features a user-friendly interface, streamlining operational steps and providing comprehensive operation instructions. This enables operators to quickly familiarize themselves, reducing operational errors and enhancing production efficiency.
  • Energy Efficiency: When designing the egg tray production line, we prioritize efficient energy utilization. The DT8*8 egg tray machine incorporates energy-saving technology, reducing energy consumption. This not only benefits the environment but also helps lower operational costs for our clients.
eight-side egg tray machine
Egg Tray Machine
being loaded on the truck
Loading to the Truck

By providing the efficient and reliable egg tray production line solution to our client, we are assisting them in achieving production scale expansion and offering comprehensive support for gaining a competitive edge in the egg tray market. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the success of this project alongside our client and contributing to their business development.

Technical Support and Quality Control

We recognize the critical importance of technical support and quality control in the continuous operation of an egg tray production line. To ensure that our client can fully leverage the advantages of the egg tray production line, we provide a comprehensive range of technical support and quality control services.

On-Site Installation Guidance:

Our experienced technical team is dispatched to the client’s site to assist with equipment installation and commissioning. They ensure proper equipment installation and provide necessary guidance and training during the installation process to ensure the smooth start-up of the production line.

Equipment Operation Training:

We offer comprehensive equipment operation training to the client, covering topics such as equipment operation, troubleshooting, and basic maintenance. Through this training, the client’s operators will become proficient in operating the equipment, thereby maximizing production efficiency.

Equipment Maintenance:

To ensure long-term stable operation, we provide maintenance guidance to the client. We develop reasonable maintenance schedules, conduct regular equipment inspections, and perform maintenance to ensure the equipment remains in optimal working condition.

Regular Telephone Follow-Up:

We conduct regular telephone follow-ups with the client to gather insights into equipment performance, as well as the client’s needs and feedback. Through timely communication, we can swiftly address any questions and requirements, providing effective solutions.

hydra pulper ready to go
Equipment Loading
egg tray machine ready for shipping
Equipment Loading

Our technical support and quality control services are designed to offer comprehensive support, ensuring that our client achieves optimal performance and value from using our egg tray production line. We firmly believe that through these services, Iraq Egg Industry Co., Ltd. will stand out in the competitive market and achieve greater success.

Social Impact

The successful export of the pulp egg tray production line represents not only a commercial collaboration and achievement but also a positive social impact on sustainability and environmental protection.

Environmental Sustainability:

Pulp egg trays, as recyclable and biodegradable molded paper products, offer significant environmental advantages compared to traditional plastic egg trays. By utilizing pulp materials, this project makes a substantial contribution to reducing plastic pollution. This environmental consciousness aligns with the principles of sustainable development, promoting local environmental industries, reducing resource waste, and improving environmental quality.

Local Industry Development:

This project is not merely an export of a production line, but an infusion of new vitality into the local pulp egg tray industry. By introducing advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, we assist the local industry in enhancing production capacity and quality standards, promoting industry upgrading and innovation. Additionally, the operation of the production line creates job opportunities, generating increased economic value for the local community.

Social Responsibility and Influence:

As a business entity, we recognize our social responsibility. By advancing the development of the pulp egg tray industry, we actively fulfill our corporate social responsibility, creating sustainable value for society. We will continue our efforts to promote environmental awareness, lead the industry’s sustainable development, and contribute positively to our society and future.

pulp egg trays
Egg Trays Made by Our Machines

Through this project, we convey a positive message to society: technology and environmental protection can coexist, and business and social responsibility can thrive together. We anticipate that this project will bring greater benefits to the local community, serving as a model for sustainable development and inspiring more businesses to embrace the values of environmental protection and sustainability through practical actions.


AGICO is a manufacturer specializing in pulp molding equipment, headquartered in Henan, China. We are dedicated to the production and manufacturing of rotary pulp molding machines and related equipment, as well as comprehensive design of pulp molding production lines. With extensive experience and excellent technical capabilities in the field of pulp molding, we strive to meet diverse customer needs.

Over the years, our products have been successfully exported to over forty countries and regions worldwide, earning recognition and trust in the international market. We have established long-term partnerships with global clients, providing them with high-quality pulp molding equipment and professional solutions.

Our mission is to provide sustainable solutions to our customers by leveraging innovative technology and excellent services, thereby promoting the development of the environmental protection industry. Our vision is to become a global leading supplier of pulp molding equipment, contributing even further to sustainable development.

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