egg carton production line for sale

Egg Carton Production Line

We help customers design and build their complete egg carton projects. From waste paper to finished egg cartons, all the equipment used in the whole process is within our business scope.

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Expert solution from raw materials to finished product.

Complete Egg Carton Production Line for Sale

We can design and build egg carton production lines with an output of 1000 pieces / h to 7000 pieces / h. The equipment used in the whole line is independently developed and produced by us. We are the source factory, so the price is absolutely favorable.

complete egg carton production line for sale
Egg carton production line

At present, we have many patented technologies including automatic mold cleaning, so our egg carton production lines have excellent performance in production efficiency, energy consumption, failure rate, service life and so on.

We also provide a free online guidance service for the installation. If customers need it, we can also send an installation team to the site to help install and commissioning the production line.

If the customer’s equipment fails during production, we will also send maintenance team to repair and replace parts at the first time.

Egg Carton Production Line at the Best Price!

EPC Project Design Service

You tell us what you need; we give you what you want.

The equipment in an egg carton production line
Egg carton making machines

After decades of deep cultivation in the industry, our team has recruited many top talents and accumulated a rich experience. Tell us your total investment budget, plant area and other information, and we can tailor a set of the most appropriate equipment scheme and the best plant layout for you.

Want to start an egg carton factory but don’t know how? Do let us help you! Submit your needs here and our experts will reply to your request as soon as possible!

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Multiple Sizes of Egg Carton Moulds Available

We supply our clients with a mould customization service to help them maximize their profits in the market.

You can choose your moulds from our vast standard models, or you can send the diagrams of your self-designed mould to us and let us manufacture it for you.

paper pulp egg carton moulds and products
Egg carton moulds & product cartons

The standard egg carton mould sizes include: 2×2, 2×4, 2×5, 3×4, 3×5, 4×5, 3×6, 2×6, etc.

Egg Carton Production Line Configurations

The following table is our premade equipment schemes for egg carton production lines. In practice, we will adjust the equipment scheme according to each customer’s own production conditions to better meet their needs. If you have your own plan, you can also contact us to adjust the existing plan.

ModelCapacity (p/h)MouldsPower in total (kw)Moulding machine power (kw)Vacuum pump power (kw)Pulper power (kw)Dryer power (kw)LaborsPaper cons (kg/h)
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Paper Pulping Solutions

paper pulping - pulp homogenizition tank
Waste paper pulp

The waste paper pulping system in an egg carton production line often consists of a vertical hydra pulper, a vibrating screen (optional), a pulp storage tank, a homogenization pool, and a pulp pump.

We provide the designing and equipment of the pulping system as well as the on-site installation guidance.

Egg Carton Moulding Solution

the moulding process of pulp egg carton
Pulp moulding process

For customers with limited budget, we can provide small single-sided egg carton machines with an output of 1000 pieces per hour;

For more ambitious customers, we can provide large egg carton machines with a maximum output of 7000 pieces per hour.

Drying Solution

Drying house for pulp egg cartons and egg trays
Egg tray drying

We offer drying scheme designing and equipment manufacturing services and provide you with complete drying systems.

For small capacity production lines, we recommend matching them with civil drying channels with lower cost or using natural drying to remove moisture from the products;

For high-yield customers, it is more suitable to choose a single-layer or a multi-layer drying line made of metal, which has higher drying efficiency.

Packing Solution

The packaging process of paper egg cartons
Auto packaging

Our automatic egg carton production lines are equipped with auto stackers and auto packers. With their help, the product egg cartons can be easily and quickly packed to bundles.

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