Moulded Fibre Machinery

We have a variety of pulp moulding machines for sale. Our products include paper pulping, moulding, and drying equipment.
Not only for egg tray making, but also for other moulded pulp production.

Moulded FIbre Machines for Sale

Small egg tray making machine for sale

Small Egg Tray Machine

Small egg tray machines with simple structure and low price, suitable for small-scale production.

rotary drum type egg tray making machine

Egg Tray Making Machine

Various models of egg tray machines, production capacity ranges from 1800 pcs/h to 6000 pcs/h.

high consistence hydra pulper

Vertical Hydra Pulper

Basic equipment in the paper pulping process, essential for waste paper recycling and pulp making.

Egg Tray Drying System

Complete drying systems for egg tray production, including metal and brick built solutions.

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