Vertical HC Hydra Pulper Machine

Waste Paper Pulping Machine

We supply vertical HC (high consistence) paper pulper for the waste paper pulping in moulded fibre manufacturing process.

The waste paper pulping is the first step in the moulded fibre (molded pulp) production process. Almost all pulp used in the moulded fibre production industry is made of waste paper, because compared with wood pulp, straw pulp, and bamboo pulp, the manufacturing process of waste paper pulp is simpler and requires less equipment. Moreover, waste paper is also a cheap and easily retrievable raw material, using it to produce moulded pulp can greatly reduce the production cost.

To become pulp that is qualified for transfer moulded fibre production, the recycled waste paper needs to go through two steps: crushing (pulping) and filtering. The equipment used in these two steps is paper pulper and filter.

Vertical HC hydra pulpers for sale
Waste Paper pulpers

Vertical High Consistence Hydra Pulper

The high consistency vertical hydra pulper is the most used pulping machine in the manufacturing process of egg tray and other molded pulp products. It can quickly break the waste paper and separate the ink particles from fibers through the action of chemicals, so that the subsequent deinking, screening, and other processes can be carried out smoothly.

Product Features

  • Using Turret multi – helical rotor, rapid cycling of pulp, and strong ability in defibering;
  • Energy-saving, less chemicals required;
  • High consistency to break pulp, small impurities, and high deinking efficiency;
  • Compact structure, easy to operate and maintenance.

HC Hydra Pulper Working Principle

The design drawing of a high consistence vertical hydra pulper
The design of a vertical hydro pulper

The main parts of a high consistency vertical hydrapulper include a tank body, a rotor auger, a gearing box, a pulping plate, a motor, and landing supports.

Spiral blades are attached to the rotor. When the crushing process is carried out, the blade rotates with the rotor. Under its influence, the high consistency slurry makes a radial circular movement to form a strong hydraulic impact and shear action, which makes the fibers in the waste paper rub each other, and finally, dissociate into a single fiber and separate from the ink particles and chemical additives.

Vertical Pulper Specifications

Pulper modelsPulper volumeCorresponding egg tray machine modelsOutput (p/h)
ZDS44m³DT5×8; DT4×84000-5000
ZDS22m³DT4×4; DT3×82500-3000
ZDS11m³DT3×4; DTF4×1; DTF3×11000-2000

If you want to use the waste paper pulp to produce finer moulded fibre products such as high-end packages and paper tablewares, then the pulp should also go through additional processes, including deinking, concentration, and bleaching. For more information about the complete waste paper pulp-making process, please refer to this page.

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