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As a leading pulp molding equipment supplier, AGICO provides a wide range of paper apple tray machine models and turnkey fruit tray production lines.

apple tray making machinery

As a developer and manufacturer of pulp molding equipment, AGICO provides various mechanical equipment and turnkey solutions for the production of paper apple trays.

AGICO has been committed to developing reliable, durable, and cost-effective fruit tray making machines for decades. Its product range includes paper pulping equipment, pulp molding equipment, drying equipment, etc. Our engineering team will tailor the most suitable apple tray production line for customers based on their site conditions, geographical location, climate conditions, raw materials, production capacities, and other requirements.

paper apple tray production
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AGICO Apple Tray Machine Advantages

The pulp molding machine is the core equipment of the fruit tray production line. AGICO primarily focuses on the research and manufacturing of rotary pulp molding machines. This type of equipment boasts high automation, easy operation, and strong production capacity, making it highly suitable for apple tray production. By replacing different molds, this machine can also produce various types of fruit trays, and even egg trays, wine bottle trays, paper cup trays, and other molded pulp products. This feature enables manufacturers to flexibly adjust their product strategies to meet local market demands.

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Over the past decade, AGICO has been committed to the research and innovation of pulp molding equipment, allowing our machines to stand out with the following advantages:

1. Sturdy Materials

The components of the apple tray making machine, such as the mold, pulp tank, pipelines, and screws, are all made of stainless steel material. This choice ensures high corrosion resistance and long service life, leading to cost savings in maintenance. Moreover, the machine’s body is constructed using high-quality steel materials that meet or exceed national standards. This robust and durable construction ensures stability and guarantees the safe operation of the machine.

2. Customized Molds

The molds used in the apple tray making machine can be customized according to the customer’s samples or drawings. Additionally, they can be tailored to different specifications based on the customer’s specific product requirements, ensuring maximum flexibility to meet diverse customer demands.

3. Excellent Motor

The motor driving the pulp molding machine is made of pure copper material. This significantly reduces operational noise, minimizes power consumption, enhances operational efficiency, and extends the motor’s lifespan.

4. High-Quality Drying Line

The supporting drying line in the production process undergoes heat treatment for both chains and sprockets. This treatment enhances their strength and wear resistance, ultimately extending the lifespan of machine components.

5. Cutting-edge Cam Splitter

The rotary drum adopts an internationally advancing cam splitter made in Taiwan, which makes the operation of the equipment more accurate, reduces the inertia of the equipment, and increases the service life of the equipment.

Apple Tray Production Line Specifications

Production capacity(pieces/h)1000150020002500300040005000
Forming mould quantity341216324060
Total power (kW)3441.253.75790150153
Electricity consumption (kW/h) (70% of the total power)23.828.8437.5939.963105107.1
Labor force3-54-64-64-65-75-75-7
Materials consumption (kg/h)Paper85102170212298425459
Fuel consumptionCoal506083104125208208
Natural gas22-3226-3637-4746-5656-6692-10392-103

*Please note that the schemes in this chart are not absolute and can be customized. We will design unique equipment solutions for each customer to ensure the best production efficiency for them.

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Why Paper Fruit Tray?

When harvesting fruits for transportation and retail purposes, using fruit trays for containment and packaging can effectively protect fruits from impacts and enhance their appearance. Traditional fruit trays were often made of plastic or foam, which are non-biodegradable materials and can cause environmental pollution. In recent years, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more eco-friendly paper fruit trays have emerged, replacing the conventional plastic fruit trays.

Paper fruit trays are made from pulp material and are a type of molded pulp product. They are easily biodegradable and can be recycled in natural environments. These trays possess various characteristics, including shock resistance, impact resistance, antistatic properties, corrosion resistance, stackability, and lightweight.

Paper fruit trays also have good moisture absorption properties, which can minimize the impact of humid environments on fruits and enable them to be stored for a longer time.

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Apple Tray Making Machine Projects

Our paper apple tray production line and other pulp molding equipment have been sold to more than 50 countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, Central Asia, Latin America, and other regions. Our professional service attitude and excellent product quality have been widely praised by our customers. Please feel free to leave us a message if you want to start producing apple trays or other molded pulp products!

agico apple tray production line projects
AGICO apple tray machine projects
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